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How to Plant Your Tree


You have just received your Eastern White Pine seeds. CONGRATS!

All you have to do now is get those babies in the ground, take a pic, and you're entered to win some moneys!

A few things to know when planting your seeds:

If you can't plant the seeds right away, but them in your fridge to keep them cool.

Best growth occurs on sites with medium to fine soil texture, medium to high soil fertility, and a soil layer that is moist most of the time. Avoid the extremes of heavy, continually wet soils and gravelly, drought-prone soils when selecting planting areas.
White pine will grow fastest in the open. They prefer full sun but can tolerate partial shade. 
When you are ready to plant, seedlings can be easily planted using a spade, shovel,or planting bar. Pine seeds should not be planted deep. Barely cover the seeds with soil. You want them to be about 1 inch under the soil.
If you choose to plant more than one, they should be spaced so that their branches won't touch another tree (in the future of course). The recommended average space between trees is 30 feet.
Pine tree seedlings require a regular supply of water (moisture) to grow well. A new pine tree requires one to two watering session per week. The amount of water depends on the trees size. In the beginning, regular rainfall is the only supplemental watering required. You don't need to overwater, as that can cause serious stress on the tree, attract fungi, and diseases and potentially drown it.