Cork Candle

Fragrance Notes:
    • Rejuvenating Spruce Pine notes

Product Details:

    • Made with soy wax grown in the United States
    • The cork has a soft and gentle feel
    • 50 hour burn time
    • Wax is solid white
    • This candle works on a candle warmer
    • Fireproof container wrapped in real cork
    • Cork¬†is engraved with laser precision for a permanent finish
    • This product is customizable when ordering over 100

We pride ourselves in making all of our custom items and products by hand to ship out to you. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our business and the fact that every single item is handmade to order, all sales are final, and we cannot offer you a refund.
However, if your product is damaged during shipping or at any point on its way to your door, we will be happy to replace or refurbish it for you at no additional charge. If your item was damaged in transit, please call or e-mail!

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