Best Candle Scents for a Gift

Scented candles are a fixture in most people’s homes. They don’t provide much light, but they do a good job of providing ambiance and atmosphere. They also make great gifts because everyone likes a good-smelling candle. If you are considering purchasing candles this holiday season, let’s talk about the best candle scents for gifts.


Best candle scents for a gift


  1. Floral scents. For most people, you can’t go wrong with floral scents. Floral scents are plentiful and diverse, so there is something for everyone. Floral scents come in sweet, sensual, spicy, and green. If you’re not sure what to get for your gift recipient, you can’t go wrong with flowers that are currently in season.
  2. Woodsy scents. Next, woodsy candle scents are also quite popular. Woodsy scents are primarily trees, such as cedar, pine, and evergreen. These scents have a way of bringing the outside indoors and making a home feel cozy. You can pair woodsy since with a crackling fire in the winter months and curl up with your loved ones and a good book.
  3. Earthy scents. Finally, earthy scents are also an option, and they do differ from woodsy scents. While woodsy scents are mostly trees, earthy scents are everything else, especially herbs. Some of the most popular are patchouli, lavender, eucalyptus, and lemongrass.


Candles may seem like a pointless purchase, but they actually have many benefits. Besides providing ambiance and atmosphere, candles have many health benefits. The right scented candle can calm your mind and improve your mood. Especially in the winter months, when you are stuck inside for long periods of time, outdoor scented candles can cut through the winter depression.


If you are looking for quality candles that make great gifts for anyone on your list, Woodchuck USA has a variety to choose from. All scented with a cozy, comforting pine scent, these candles not only make great gifts but also help you give back to the environment by planting one tree per purchase.