Gifts to Bring to a Baby Shower

Baby showers are exciting because they signal the upcoming arrival of a new addition to the family. However, you can’t go to a baby shower empty-handed. You are expected to bring a gift to help the new parents. Many new parents may have a gift registry, so there can be some guidance towards what they are looking for.


However, you may be on your own if they don’t have a registry. Here are three gifts you can bring to a baby shower.


Gifts to bring to a baby shower


  1. Customized planner. A baby’s first year of life can be busy with milestones and doctor’s appointments galore. Because of this, a welcome gift can be a customized planner. The planner’s cover can be customized for the gift recipient, making it a little extra special.
  2. Wooden Wall art. Cutesy baby art can be very popular, but if you’re looking for a piece of art that can grow with the child, you can invest in a quality piece of wooden wall art. This piece of wooden wall art shows a world map, but it can be customized to show any location you desire, including the city where the baby will be born.
  3. A collection of items (gifted in a wooden box). Finally, parents-to-be need a lot of small items, such as bottles, pacifiers, and baby monitors. You can gift the parents-to-be all of these items in a quality wooden gift box. The best part about this type of gift is that the box also counts as a gift.


The main focus of a baby shower is to let the parents-to-be know they have a wealth of people who love and support them. While trying to buy for a baby shower can be overwhelming, the most important thing to focus on is getting a gift that expresses how much you care for the growing family.