3 Tips for Getting a Gift for Someone in a Job Transition

Job transitions are big milestones in your working career, and they can be very difficult if someone has been working at the same company for a long time. Let’s talk about three tips for getting a gift for someone going through a job transition.


3 Tips for Getting a gift for someone in a job transition


  1. Get something they can utilize at the new job. First, you can always get them something that will aid them in their new job. Items like planners, business card holders, and desktop calendars are gifts any working professional can utilize.
  2. Get something that reminds them of the team. Next, you can get them a gift that reminds them of the people there leaving. Coworkers become like family. After all, you often see your coworkers more than you see your spouse. For this reason, leaving a team can be very difficult. Giving a gift that reminds them of their old team, such as a custom mug or framed certificate, can make the transition easier.
  3. Get something the entire office can enjoy on their last day. Finally, you do not always have to purchase a gift to make a memory. If the potential gift recipient is more interested in experiences than gifts, you can have an office party full of yummy snacks and fun games. This kind of celebration will forever remind the departing coworker how much they enjoyed their experience at the company.


Leaving an established team is never easy, but sometimes you have to pursue better employment. If your coworker or friend is going through a job transition, you can celebrate their transition by getting them something they can utilize, something that reminds them of the team, or something that the whole office can enjoy.