Buying a Gift for Someone with Picky Tastes

Buying gifts for the holiday season is hard enough, but if you have someone who is super picky on your list, it can be even more difficult. Especially if you want to surprise that person, trying to come up with a gift you know they will enjoy can be an overwhelming task. Here are four gifts even the pickiest person will enjoy.


4 Gifts for someone Who is SUPER Picky!


  1. An empty notebook. First, a blank notebook is full of possibilities. You can utilize it however you want, be it a journal, a planner, or a sketchbook. This type of gift is perfect because no one can have too many empty books.
  2. Quality coasters. Another great gift for your picky loved one is a set of coasters. Everyone has surfaces they do not want cold drinks sitting on, and a set of quality coasters is something most people don’t think to buy for themselves.
  3. A desktop planter. If the picky person you’re buying for works in an office, then a desktop planter may be the perfect gift for them. There are many benefits to having a plant in the office, and a stylish planter can be the perfect new home for one. If you really want to go all out, you can also purchase a low-maintenance plant to go with it.
  4. A good-smelling candle. Finally, everyone loves candles. Gifting your loved one a candle, especially in a scent you know they love, can be a uniquely special gift. Just like plants, candles are very relaxing, and they can be a welcome gift for getting through the holiday season.


Picky people can be difficult to buy for, but you still want to get them something special. One tip for buying for them is to keep the gifts practical, unique, and innovative. You don’t have to agonize over what to purchase for them because they will appreciate it as long as it is practical and from the heart.