Gift Ideas for New Parents

Becoming a new parent can be an overwhelming experience, and if you are witnessing your friend or relative go through this new stage in their life, you may want to celebrate it with them. Here are four gift ideas for new parents (that aren’t for their babies).


4 Gift Ideas for New Parents


  1. A planner. First, a welcomed gift for any parent is a planner. Life can get pretty hectic with the new baby around, and having a notebook to write things down in can be highly beneficial. Whether they are recording doctor’s appointments for the baby or themselves, this notebook will help them remember everything.
  2. A candle. Perfect for your baby changing station, a quality, good-smelling candle goes a long way for a new parent. Whether they are relaxing after a long day or they’re trying to rid the room of the smell of a stinky diaper, this pine-scented candle is great.
  3. Wine (in a classy wooden wine box). Between the sleepless nights and the crying baby, quality wine is a welcomed gift to any new parent. The only way to make this trip sweeter is if you offer to babysit for a couple of hours while they take a break and enjoy your gift.
  4. A world map. Finally, a fine gift for a family who loves traveling is a world map. This map can be of the entire world, or it can be customized to show a specific location, such as where the parents met, got married, or the city where the baby was born. This map would also make a perfect gift for a new baby, as it can stay with them for the rest of their lives.


Bringing home a bundle of joy is great until the sleep deprivation catches up to the new parents, and while becoming a parent is a rewarding experience, it may not feel like that at first. To celebrate this new chapter in your loved ones’ lives, you can give them something that can put a smile on their face as they adjust to their new family member.