Gifts for a Going Away Party

Moving on is part of life, whether you are moving to a new job, city, or state. It can be a little sad, but it is also quite exciting to know that somebody is starting a new chapter in their life. If you are throwing a going-away party for the person, here are four great gifts.


Gifts for a going-away party


  1. Square desktop planter. First, if they are moving to a new job or a new department, a square desktop planter can be a nice gift to remind them of where they came from. Not only are plants soothing, but this planter can also be customized to make this gift extra special.
  2. Wine and wooden wine box. A gift that anyone can enjoy is a quality glass of wine. A bottle of wine can be a gift on its own, but it is better paired with a quality wine box. This wine box can be customized with initials, logos, or even a quote.
  3. A wooden executive gift set. Most people go to new jobs when they leave an old one, so you can always get something that will be useful to them in their next place of employment. This wooden executive set comes with a notebook, A slimline pen, and a business cardholder. It also comes in a handy, already giftable box that can be customized as well.
  4. A collection of stuff gifted in a wooden gift box. Finally, if you don’t have just one thing you want to buy for somebody, you can always buy them a collection of small things and gift them together. This wooden gift box Is large enough for plenty of gifts. The best part about this gift box is that it can be customized and can also be reused.


One of the best parts about shopping at Woodchuck USA for a going-away person is that Woodchuck USA gives back to the environment. If the person you are gifting to is invested in reducing waste and increasing sustainability, it is two gifts because Woodchuck USA plants one tree for every purchase.