Gifts for Someone Moving to a New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment can be an exciting new journey. It can also be expensive. There are lots of costs associated with moving, from housing and utility deposits to new furniture and comforting housewares. Here are three great gifts to help someone settle into their new apartment.


Gifts for someone moving to a new apartment



  1. Wooden coasters. First, wooden coasters are a great gift for anyone moving to a new place and purchasing new furniture. If they are purchasing wood surfaces, they will enjoy having wood coasters to offer their guest so that they can protect their new surfaces from water stains.
  2. Scented candle. Next, scented candles can provide more than a scent to a room. They can add ambiance and promote relaxation. In fact, the right candle can give a signature, intimate touch to your living space. Our spruce pine scented candles have a 50-hour burn time and a rejuvenating scent that can fill the whole room.
  3. Wall clock. Finally, even though most people have cell phones and digital watches, wall clocks are still great gifts. Wall clocks are timeless. Even if digital time-keeping devices have replaced the wall clock in usefulness, wall clocks can still be a statement piece in a room.


We’ve all moved a least once, so we can relate to how it feels to enter into a new space with funny smells and a whole new layout. It can be a lot to process at once, especially if it’s the first time. These three gifts can go a long way in making the gift recipient feel more at home in their new space. If you are looking for other quality wood gifts, Woodchuck USA has so many items you’re sure to find something your gift recipient will love.