Gifts NOT to Bring to a Bridal Shower

Some people are expert gift-givers and they are great at finding ideal gifts for any situation. However, if you’re like me, gift-giving is something you enjoy, but you may struggle to find appropriate gifts for various situations. Sometimes it is easier to know what you shouldn’t buy to guide you toward the right gift. Here are three gifts you should not bring to a bridal shower.


3 Gifts you should NOT bring to a bridal shower


  1. Something re-gifted. First, you should avoid regifting another item. Even if it is like-new and just doesn’t fit your style, regifting for this special occasion feels icky and inappropriate. If you are really ready to get rid of the lamp your aunt gave you, then you should put it on a selling marketplace or donate it instead.
  2. Something potentially embarrassing. Next, you should avoid any potentially embarrassing gifts as well. It is customary to give the bride naughty gifts, but the formal bridal shower isn’t the place. With aunts and grandmothers around, it is best to save the naughty gift for the bachelorette party.
  3. Something you aren’t sure she’ll like. Finally, if you are on the fence about whether the bride will like the gift you thought of, then you should pick something else. If you have a bride that is difficult to shop for, instead of purchasing them a gift, you can give them a gift card and let them select their own gift. A gift card to a high-quality, environmentally friendly company, such as Woodchuck USA, will make you and the bride-to-be feel good about the purchase.


You don’t have to be an expert gift-giver to give a good gift. The most important thing when giving a gift is that it should be special and from the heart. On top of that, you should also avoid giving something that is regifted, something that can be potentially embarrassing for the bride to open in front of family, or something you’re not sure she will like.