How Does Woodchuck Remain Sustainable?

As environmental health comes to the front of people’s minds, sustainability becomes necessary for businesses. Consumers enjoy shopping at businesses that either help the environment or do not take away from the environment. There are many ways to practice sustainability in business.


How does Woodchuck remain sustainable?


Every company practices sustainability differently, but at Woodchuck, we plant one tree for every item sold. Our slogan is “Buy one. Plant one.”. Over the years, we have planted millions of trees in over six different countries. Our goal is to plant 15 million trees by 2030 and achieve a net-zero by 2050.


Some of the countries we have helped our Madagascar, Nepal, Indonesia, and the United States. In all of those countries, we have planted over a thousand trees.


Woodchuck uses a three-pillar approach to deciding where their future planning sites will be and if they will be successful. These three pillars are local community support, local or national government support, and business funding support. The local community is imperative to replanting and supporting the trees. Once the trees are planted, it will be up to the community to keep them safe.


It is also imperative for planting sites to be able to grow and develop ecosystems once the trees are planted. There is no sense in planting trees somewhere where they will be taken down before they reach maturity. Finally, reforestation cannot happen without outside funding. Outside funding gives a jumpstart to the project.


If you are looking to support a business that gives back to the environment, Woodchuck USA may be an easy brand for you to support. Not only do we have quality wooden gifts that appeal to everyone, but we also have a mission to plant trees all across the world.