Should Bridesmaids Buy Wedding Gifts

Being a bridesmaid comes with a lot of expenses. You have to purchase a bridesmaid’s dress and shoes, and you will also likely have to pay for transportation, lodging, and your wedding-day look. Not only that but there is also the expense of the bachelorette party and the engagement party.


One of the most commonly asked questions is if you have to buy a wedding gift if you are in the wedding party.


Should Bridesmaids Buy Wedding Gifts?


The short answer is no. You do not have to buy a wedding gift if you’re in the wedding party. However, you technically don’t have to buy a wedding gift at all. It is bad form for couples to expect a gift in the first place, but if you are going to buy a wedding gift, it’s important to only spend what you can afford.


If you’re interested in getting the bride a small gift for her big day, you can invest in a customizable wine box ($47) or a customizable turning calendar ($34). Both of these gifts are unique in their own way and able to be customized with the bride and groom’s name, the wedding date, or a quote or Bible verse.


Another option is to chip in with the entire wedding party and buy a larger gift for the couple. Investing in a wood executive gift set ($105) is perfect for a bride who works in a professional setting. For a bride who loves to travel, a wooden world map ($495) may be more fitting.


It is an honor to stand next to your best friend during her big day, but being a bridesmaid can get really expensive really fast. Not only do you have to buy everything for the wedding, but you may also have to pay for a bachelorette party and an engagement party, so purchasing a wedding gift may be straining the budget. You don’t have to buy a wedding gift, but it can be a nice gesture as long as you stay within your budget for the purchase.