Unique Events to Get Custom Awards For

If you are planning an event for friends, family, or coworkers, then you may have considered having custom awards. Custom awards are a fun way to make your event a little extra special and make your attendees feel special as well. Here are three unique events you can have custom awards for.


Unique Events to get Custom Awards for


  1. Marathon races. First, you can have awards for marathon races. It is not uncommon for a marathon race to have awards for the top three winners, but you can also add other awards. For example, you can have an award for most improved, oldest racer, youngest racer, most times participated, and more. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating unique awards for the marathon.
  2. Monthly and yearly staff meetings. Another event that can benefit from custom awards is regular staff meetings. Staff meetings are notoriously boring, but you can spice them up by having awards for your employees. The typical awards, such as employee of the month, should be included, but you can also add more unique awards. You can have an award for most money sold for the month, best-dressed, and even office favorite.
  3. Family reunions. Finally, have you ever considered having a couple of custom awards for your annual family reunion? This is a fun way to get the entire family involved with the reunion, especially if your family is large. The awards for the family reunion can be as silly as you want, and you can even hold contests. Some awards can be best dressed, best dish, most social, and best hair.


Custom awards can be a fun way to celebrate the unique personalities you have in your family, friends, or staff. It’s okay to have the typical awards, such as employee of the month and marathon winners, but you can also get creative and think outside the box regarding what sort of awards you want for your event.