What are the Anniversary Gifts by Year?

Wedding anniversaries have traditional gifts, and these conventions go back to the medieval period. They gained acceptance in the Victorian era, and they’ve grown in popularity since. The gifts gradually increase in value as the relationship continues, serving as recognition for a successful marriage.


What are the anniversary gifts by year


These days, wedding anniversaries have both a traditional theme and a modern theme. For the first year, the traditional theme is paper, while the modern theme is clocks. For the second year, it is cotton and China. For year three, it is leather and crystal or glass. On the fourth year of marriage, it’s customary to purchase food or flowers in the US or an appliance.


The fifth and sixth years of marriage are a little unique. The traditional gift for the fifth year of marriage is wood, while the modern gift is silverware. For the sixth year of marriage, on the other hand, the traditional theme is iron in the US, and the modern theme is wood. So depending on which theme you pick, you may be buying a wooden gift for either the fifth or sixth year of marriage. Some quality wooden gifts are a wooden wall clock, a customizable wooden wall map, and a wooden gift set.


The seventh year of marriage is copper and brass. The eighth year is bronze or pottery and linen or lace. For the ninth year of marriage, the traditional gift is Willow or pottery, and the modern gift is leather. Finally, at the 10th year of marriage, you would ordinarily get aluminum if you are sticking with the traditional gifts or diamond jewelry if you are taking the modern approach.


Each year from year one to year 30 has a specific gift per year. Once you reach year 30, the gifts switch to every half-decade. So instead of buying a gift every year, you will buy a gift every five years up until your 60th year of marriage. This type of gift-giving may seem a little over-the-top, but it is a nice way to participate in a fun marriage tradition.