What Gifts You Should Bring to a Sip and See

A sip and see is an informal event that happens after the birth or adoption of a baby. Unlike baby showers, they are largely informal events where people can come by throughout the day to visit with the new parents and have a drink. These events have gone on in the South for years, but if you live somewhere else, they may be unfamiliar to you. Here are three gifts you can bring to a sip and see.


What gifts should you bring to a sip and see


  1. Wine (gifted in a quality wine box). First, if you really want to join in the celebration, you can bring the new parents a bottle of wine. Take care to make sure they will appreciate it of course, but a bottle of wine can be a welcome gift for new parents. Naturally, you should gift the bottle of wine in a quality wine box, and you can customize the wine box as well.
  2. A wooden world map. Next, if you want to get something for the baby that can grow with them, you can invest in a wooden world map. This gift can be customized and made extra special by customizing it with the location of the baby’s birth, where the parents met, or even where their ancestors came from.
  3. A weekly planner. Finally, any new family is quite busy, and between work, social events, and all the new appointments that babies experience in the first year of life, and planner can be a very useful way of keeping track of everything. The best types of planners are ones where the user can customize the days, but any planner is better than nothing.


Sip and sees are informal gatherings that allow friends and family to meet the new arrival without putting too much pressure on the parents. They are gender-inclusive with flexible timing. While a gift isn’t required, if you are interested in getting them something, you should keep their interests and needs in mind. If you are looking for more quality wooden gifts, Woodchuck USA has hundreds of customizable products to choose from.