What Should I Include in a Gift Basket

Gift baskets can make amazing, fun, and unique gifts. Especially if you decide to create the gift basket yourself, you can create a memorable gift that your recipient will love. You can put almost anything in a gift basket, but here are four universally loved gift basket items.


What should I include in a gift basket?


  1. A candle. Who doesn’t love a candle? Whether you pick one that is based on the season or a scent that can be enjoyed all year round, candles are the quintessential gift basket gift. They’re relaxing and soothing, and each time your gift recipient lights a candle, they will be reminded of the perfect gift.
  2. Candy is another favorite because it has a nostalgic factor for most people. When picking out candy, there are many ways to go. You can pick out gourmet candy, expensive chocolates, or colorful fruity candy we all used to eat as children.
  3. A journal. If you are creating a gift basket for a planner, teacher, or writer, you can always include a journal. Journals make great gifts because they can be utilized however the recipient wants to, and they can be customized with a positive quote, name, or anything else that reminds you of your gift recipient.
  4. Self-care items. Finally, you can include self-care items in your gift basket. Some of the best self-care items to add are facemasks, lip balm, and bath products.


Once you have gathered all of your gifts, it’s time to assemble your gift basket. The basket can also be its own gift, so don’t hesitate to buy something unique, such as this wooden gift box, to put all of your small gifts inside.