What to Get a Coworker Who's Leaving?

In your career, you will have many people come and go in your life, and some of those people will be beloved coworkers. It can be devastating to hear that a long-time coworker is leaving. Whether it’s because of retirement or finding a new position that fits their goals more, here are three gifts you can get them to celebrate their new life stage.


What to get a coworker who’s leaving


  1. An executive gift set. First, if they are moving to a new place of employment, you can get them an executive gift set. This gift set includes a classic journal, slim-line pen, and a business card holder. The best part about this gift set is that every item can be customized, so you can truly make this gift one-of-a-kind.
  2. Whiskey (gifted in a quality wooden box). This may not be an appropriate gift for everyone, but if you are in a relaxed office environment and the gift recipient likes to partake every once in a while, a quality bottle of whiskey (gifted in a wooden box of equal quality) can be a great way to celebrate a retirement or a promotion.
  3. A gift box. Finally, if you cannot decide on just one gift, you can always get a collection of gifts that you can present in a wooden gift box. You can get candles, sweets, and gift cards to local restaurants, as long as it is something that your gift recipient may enjoy.


When full-time workers spend an average of forty hours a week at the office, it’s no surprise that we get close to our coworkers. They can become family to us, and it can be difficult to grapple with the idea of them leaving, even if it opens more opportunities for them. These three gifts are great ways to honor the connection you developed with your coworker.