What to Look for in a Custom Journal

Empty notebooks are hard to resist. They hold excitement, possibilities, and new beginnings. However, even though a new notebook can be exciting, it’s important to purchase a notebook that you will utilize. Let’s talk about what to look for in a custom journal.


What to look for in a custom journal


  1. Quality paper. First, you must select the right paper for your needs. For example, an artist may have different paper requirements than a writer. Papers have different weights, but the best way to see what kind of paper you prefer is to test it. Don’t hesitate to get a sample of the notebook paper and write on it. This will tell you if the paper can support what you plan to do.
  2. The right binding. Next, you must look at the type of binding the notebook has. Some people have binding preferences, such as staple pages or spirals, while others are more practical and select binding based on the purpose of the notebook. Each type of binding has its advantages. For those who are looking to do seamless designs, stapled or glued pages may be best. On the other hand, for those who like a smooth writing surface and the ability to skip easily through pages, spiral notebooks may be the preference.
  3. Useful Interior. Finally, the last thing to look at is the design of the notebook pages. This may seem strange if you are new to purchasing notebooks, but there are a lot more page designs besides lines. You can get notebooks with dots, grids, or even blank. The type of paper you select should be in correlation with what you plan to use your notebook for.


Whether you’re an artist looking for a field sketchbook or a busy professional interested in designing custom planner pages, custom journals can be very useful. When purchasing your journal, you should focus on the qualities most important to you. These qualities may include paper, binding, and interior style. If you’re ready to start shopping for your notebook, Woodchuck USA has dozens to choose from.