What is a Push Present?

New traditions are started all the time, and one of the newest traditions is a push present. A push present is a present you get someone during childbirth. It is a gift to show appreciation for the hard work the mother-to-be is doing by pushing the baby out into the world.


What is a push present


If you have never heard of a push present before, you’re not alone. This new tradition has only been around for a decade. A push present is normally given to the new mom by her significant other or family members. This present can be almost anything from handmade shelves to tequila, but the most common push present is jewelry.


If you want to go against the grain and get a unique push present for your significant other, you can purchase a wooden world map. This map can be customized to any location, or it can show the world, and it is a perfect gift for couples who love traveling or couples that may have had a long-distance relationship. Another quality push present could be a bottle of wine wrapped in a customized wine box. This gift is not only fun, but it is also special as well.


Traditionally, a push present is only for the one giving birth, but if you want to start a new tradition, you can also get something for the father. The father’s gift doesn’t need to be as extravagant as the mother’s gift. It can be simple, like a customized flask or an executive gift set.


Push presents are a new tradition that centers around giving the person giving birth a present. This present can be anything you want it to be as long as it shows appreciation for the one giving birth. Traditionally, push presents are only for moms-to-be, but if you are interested in starting your own tradition, you can also get a present for the father.