What to Give as a Gift in a New Relationship?

The holiday season can be a little awkward if you have just started a new relationship. If you haven’t been dating for a long time, you do not want to spend too much on a gift for your partner. You want to pick something that isn’t too over the top but still shows you care.


What to give as a gift in a new relationship?


  1. An experience. For new relationships, some of the best gifts can be gifts of experiences. Instead of spending a lot of money on an item, you can purchase tickets to a concert or a gift card for a movie date. Gifts of experience are great for new relationships because it ensures that you guys will find time to spend together.
  2. Something useful. Next, you can gift them something useful. If your partner likes to drink, you may consider investing in a quality wooden flask. You can also purchase useful home decor items such as coasters or a desktop calendar.
  3. A collection of small gifts. Finally, if you can’t think of one item to get, you can get a series of smaller items, and you can gift them inside a quality wooden gift box. The smaller items do not have to be expensive, and the best part is that the gift box is also a gift.


Shopping for a new partner can be difficult because you haven’t been together long enough to know exactly what they may want, and you do not want to spend too much money either. There is no hard and fast etiquette about how much money to spend when you first start a relationship, but it is important to be mindful and careful while still buying something that your partner will appreciate.